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Coaching through Situational Leadership II

Who should attend?

Managers, Project Managers and Managers of Managers who need to coach. This tool helps managers to adapt their style when dealing with staff whose development needs change dependent on the situations they are in. If you feel you tend to only use one or two styles when coaching others, then this Workshop will help you be much more flexible and intuitive to others.

Although this programme and Leading through Coaching are separate programmes, delegates who attend both have found that the SLII® tool enriches the way they use the GROW model.

How will they learn?

Participants will discover how to adapt their leadership style to different situations to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance with the people they work with. This is done through a blend of facilitator input and practical experience as well as a unique opportunity to get feedback on their own flexibility and effectiveness when adapting their coaching styles. This is done through the LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS II® QUESTIONNAIRE.

What is covered?

This workshop focuses primarily on the first two skills of Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership® II programme: DIAGNOSIS and FLEXIBILITY. Participants will learn that adults go through different levels of development as they learn and become familiar with new skills. Delegates will become proficient at diagnosing the correct Development Level for different people in different situations.

Participants will then learn how to be FLEXIBLE so they are able to choose and apply the appropriate leadership style dependent on the needs of those they are working with.

Throughout the workshop, participants will experience case studies and exercises to practise using the tool and to gather feedback on their own ability to apply it. In addition, participants will be invited to bring along personal leadership challenges which they will be able to explore in a safe and secure environment.